Five tried and true Kitsilano restaurants

Moderne BurgerModerne Burger
So what’s the big deal about a burger, you ask? Not much, really, unless you’re into extra-primo-good cuts of beef steak that are ground up and served as naked as possible. And, really, when you’re talking ground sirloin from a good cow, do you need anything else? Just the toppings, please. Lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo, and house sauce have made up the basic formula since 2008, although grilled mushrooms and onions are always sure bets.

And, the room is a treat; all checkered linoleum and Formica counters. It’s the neighbourhood hangout from 1958, just with better meat. The burger and fries platter is $10.95, but save a few bucks and get the burger alone ($7.95) and share a side of fries ($4.25) with a friend. They’re cut to order and the portion is monstrous. Even three sharing won’t feel skimped. Throw in a classic soda (cherry Coke?) or a perfect milkshake (creamsicle, dude), and it’s the full meal deal.

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Moderne Burger