Forties Flair

Forties Flair – Step back in time at Moderne Burger, a 1940s diner with flirtatious flair. Opened in 2001, this retro-vibe restaurant will satiate any desire for the freshest burgers, crispiest fries and tastiest milkshakes in town, blended to perfection. Inside, the design is a throwback to another era, with checkerboard floors, cozy vinyl booths and chrome finishes that remind you of grandma’s kitchen table.

Peter Kokinis started Moderne Burger when he was unable to source the exact burger that he wanted in restaurants. “Simply put, I couldn’t get the hamburger I wanted,” says Peter. “Every time I went out, I got a bun that was a week old and out of a bag and a patty that fell apart… Everybody missed what fresh was about.” With a passion for art moderne style, Peter set to creating the perfect blend of his passions: art and food. He maintains a limited menu of fries, shakes and various burgers, but those choice menu items are done incredibly well. “Burgers are in our blood,” Peter says. “This is what we do.”

“Burgers are in our blood.”
– Peter Kokinis, owner


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