Where to find the best milk shakes in Vancouver

Where to find the best milk shakes in Vancouver.
Moderne Burger (2507 West Broadway) also takes a classic approach to milk-shake–making, using vintage mixers. (One is mint green, the other tan.)

“We use premium, whole-milk, Canadian ice cream and original methods like tempered ice cream that is first cut into smaller sections after it is scooped,” explains owner Peter Kokinis. “We’ve tried many mixers in the last 14 years and keep coming back to our restored 1940s Hamilton Beach mixers. The different brands can all work, but each one requires a slightly different approach. You don’t simply attach the cup to the mixer and walk away. It requires a talented eye to know when to remove, swirl, and manually agitate. Pouring into the glass to eliminate lumps is another talent in itself.

“You’re having the same milk shake today your grandparents had when they were young, made exactly the same way with a backup canister for seconds,” he adds. “Classic.”

Besides the traditional flavours, Moderne Burger makes Creamsicle, coffee, and chocolate-covered-cherry shakes, among others. Malts are another option. “Ask your grandparents and they will tell you all about the Bay and Woodward’s malts embedded in their childhood memories,” Kokinis says.

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