Vancouver Weekend: We’re Thinking…Burgers

moderne-burger Moderne Burger, 2507 West Broadway

Presentation is everything at Moderne Burger, and we’re not just talking about the food. The Kits mainstay is one of the most beautifully retro-looking spots in the city, all ’57-Chevy-blue dining booths, throwback-Arborite counters, and enough deco-looking accents to make you wish the Roaring ’20s had never ended. Moderne Burger’s obsession with the past includes its menu: once you’ve ordered a malt or milkshake, pick from a steak, veggie, ground-turkey, or salmon burger, based on “honest to goodness 1950’s family recipes”. You know how your grandad always told you that everything tasted better back in the day? There’s no arguing here.

From The Georgia Stright