Moderne Burger: Best Burgers in Vancouver

Moderne-BurgerStepping into Kitsilano’s Moderne Burger is almost like stepping through a magical door that takes you back to old, groovy Malt shoppes. Like in Archie Comics with Pop serving all the cool kids hamburgers. If Moderne Burger was present in Archie Comic land, Jughead would never leave the restaurant. He probably wouldn’t even get fat either.
Sadly, we do not live in Archie Comic land, but Moderne burger still exists. This is a burger joint to rule all other burger joints in the city. I discovered it after searching “best hamburgers in Vancouver”. Guess who was rated #1 Burger? Not McDonalds, if that’s what you were guessing!
The store is usually busy, but there are plenty of polyester booths to keep customers happy. If you feel like playing a hip tune, just choose an option from the handy juke box. Then order a root-beer float and dance with your poodle skirt.
moderne burger best burger vancouverSeriously, I don’t know why the theme of this restaurant is 60s diner, or why they added the extra “e” to the end of their name, but I do know they make good burgers. Full of meaty meat, with no added products or seasonings, you can almost taste the cow. It is a true “homemade burger” that you can buy at a store. There is a choice of a steak, turkey, salmon, or veggie burger. Extras (such as bacon, cheese, mushrooms and sauces) cost extra.
The burger platter includes fries and is a hard to finish. The shakes are handmade with real icecream, the specialty sodas are interesting but expensive, and the food is amazing. The best drink choice has got to be the Malted Shake, Remember that chocolate ice cream that came in a little cup and you could eat with a wooden spoon? It’s like that, but 100 times better.
Enjoy your meal in the restaurant, or take it out and walk down to Kits beach (QUICKLY though, or your burger will get COLD!). Take note of the hours because it’s not open on Mondays and holidays, and the kitchen opens at noon and closes at 7:45pm. Don’t get stuck with a drooling mouth and a closed door like I did!
modern burger vancouver kitsilanoPlease. Try this burger.
Where: 2507 Broadway west. Or on West 9th and Larch St.
How Much: Around $9-15
Why: You want to eat the meatiest burger in Vancouver

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